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Jonathan Jun, M.D.

Associate Professor

Dr. Jun completed Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Fellowship at Johns Hopkins (2006-2011) and has remained at Hopkins to continue academic medicine.  He has performed many studies on the impact of hypoxia and sleep apnea on lipid and glucose metabolism, oxidative stress, and atherosclerosis.   His publications demonstrated significant effects of intermittent and sustained hypoxia on atherosclerosis, oxidative stress, lipid metabolism, glucose metabolism, and thermoregulation.  He has also examined metabolic effects of Hypoxia-Inducible Factors (HIFs) on metabolism in vivo and in vitro.  

He developed the hypothesis that OSA causes excessive adrenergic stimulation leading to excessive mobilization of free fatty acids (FFA) from adipose tissue and systemic lipotoxicity.  Currently, he is examining the effect of OSA on nocturnal FFA and glucose metabolism, using CPAP withdrawal to elicit OSA. 

Dr. Jun’s long-term career goal is to elucidate the bi-directional relationship between respiratory and metabolic health.   In 2013, Dr. Jun was awarded the James B. Skatrud Young Investigator Award and he has garnered several Hopkins awards for basic and clinical research.   He received an American Thoracic Society (ATS) Foundation Award to investigate beta blocker therapy for metabolic protection in OSA.  He also is director the ATS Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology Assembly Journal Club.  He has mentored students and fellows from around the world who have since entered medical residency programs, or who are now pursuing academic medical careers.

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Jonathan Jun: Team Members
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